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Corona-Information: We are open! Visiting a doctor is allowed during lockdown.

Since January 2021 you can get an electronic reservation confirmation.

Available since July 2020: Confirmations of courseparticipation and certificates significant retrainings:
Zertifikat Vitrectomy Symposium Kontaktlinsen Notarztdekret Heiligenbrunner

Online since October 2019: Austrian Medical Association Diplomas and Certificates
Notarztdekret Heiligenbrunner Fortbildungsdiplom Heiligenbrunner Zertifikat Ultraschall Sonographie Heiligenbrunner Zertifikat Reisemedizin Heiligenbrunner

Since October 2018 you can reserve your consultation online at any time.

September 2018 the first private patient doctor for ophthalmology in Horn inaugurated. Hospital Horn offers wide equipment, so bulk of medical offerings are possible. At Spitalgasse 10, 3580 Horn OA Dr. Heiligenbrunner Stefan embraces your checkups or disorders. As private doctor for all health insurances (caution: no contract with health insurances!) paid fees can be submitted to respective health insurance to receive a partially refund.

August riddle

You meet 2 people. One is always lying on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the other one on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Both say they were lying yesterday. Which day is today?

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